The Discord bot of the future.

Grow and protect your community with a free moderation bot that understands natural human language.

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"If This — Then That" Style Automation Flow

Create the bot you've always wanted. Chain any Discord event to any action, using nothing more than simple statements.

/whenstatementreaction= 🇺🇸 -> role add= @american

The command above implements a role reaction. Check the docs to see all the possibilities!

All in one toolset

Role reactions

Ticket System



+ 20 more...

Performance & Reliability

Up to 1000x faster than other bots. Average event processing latency of 2μs, capable of over 4 million Discord events per second — Comfy easily handles volumes that cripple other bots.

The end of lost data or missed commands. Comfy employs numerous techniques to detect dataloss.

AI text moderation: Detect and handle hate-speech

Go beyond bots that simply detect "bad words". Comfy understands racist innuendo, Neo-Nazi slang, and can precisely score the social intention behind every message.

Comfy is partially based on a data model trained on millions of Reddit comments.

Private & Secure

ComfyAI does not share or sell your information. Nor do we make money from anything data related, only donations from users. We collect the minimum amount of information to operate the service, and delete collected data on a rolling basis.

Stored data is secured using industry best practices.

Chat with Comfy!

The system that recognizes human language can also generate it. As a fun feature, you can have conversations with Comfy. They can be quite hilarious!


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